Sentri7® Electronic Surveillance Technology
Enhances Risk Avoidance Strategies


Sentri7Carteret General Hospital Finds Success by Switching to Sentri7 Technology

Sentri7 has been able to deliver the desired workflow benefits through its ability to efficiently aggregate data in real time, providing an accurate snapshot of interventions needed at anymoment. No longer are pharmacists tasked with the daily burden of weeding through paper reports, saving hours of staff time each day. By effectively streamlining paper-based processes, Sentri7 has helped drive better collaboration between CGH’s pharmacists, nurses and physicians, reducing harm to patients and lowering the cost of healthcare.

Noticing the value in this new medical technology, we’ve created this white paper that will help you:

  • Discover ways Sentri7 improves workflows to enhance patient care initiatives
  • Learn how Sentri7 delivers risk-avoidance value
  • Find out how Sentri7 can advance patient care and demonstrate pharmacy value in your hospital
  • Learn about Sentri7’s proven track record of success, intuitive interface, flexibility and competitive pricing
  • Discover how Carteret General Hospital benefited from switching to Sentri7 Electronic Surveillance Technology

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 2015/2016 Category Leader for Clinical Decision Support – Surveillance


Sentri7® is a web-based, real-time, clinical surveillance and decision support software that drives continuous improvement and empowers healthcare organizations to achieve excellence in care delivery.

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