CMS and NHSN - What's New for Infection Preventionists in 2013? - Part I


Joan Hebden, RN, MS, CIC provides information on the new CMS requirement of LabID Event reporting and changes to the NHSN definitions for healthcare-associated infections. Case studies based on realistic clinical scenarios are used to aid learning.

In this webinar, she:

  • Defines the current status of public reporting and the implications for NHSN
  • States the new/updated Key Terms for HAI, Device-Associated Infection and Transfer Rule
  • Identifies the criteria for mucosal barrier injury laboratory-confirmed BSI ( MBI-LCBI)
  • Defines the steps to prepare for VAE Surveillance
  • Identifies the LabID Events that will be reported by NHSN to CMS
  • States the three major NHSN changes to SSI Reporting

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