Maintaining Preparedness for
Emerging Infections: Today and Tomorrow


Our recent experience with Ebola virus, Chikungunya, Middle East Coronavirus syndrome (MERS), and a host of other pathogens previously unseen in the United States indicates that emerging infections anywhere have the potential to affect people everywhere. In addition, healthcare-associated and multidrug resistant infections are emerging infections that impact us right here, right now. Given these issues, what is the role that the healthcare provider plays in recognizing and managing these infections? What is the message we need to be telling our colleagues and the general public?

In this presentation, Vincent Hsu, MD discusses:

  • Tools to increase awareness on the types of EIDs that are occurring worldwide with potential impact within the United States
  • How to suspect and communicate with public health experts so that the disease can be managed and transmission can be minimized
  • Where the provider can keep up-to-date on the emerging trends worldwide. 

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