Putting Pharmacogenomics into Practice Strategies for Successful Implementation


Pharmacogenetic information is currently included in more than 200 drug labels in the United States and the field continues to grow rapidly. There has not been a commensurate effort to establish the resources, methods, and infrastructure, which would allow the translation of such evidence, representing a major obstacle in the application of testing.

In this webinar, Leslie Mackowiak, RPh, MS discusses:

  • Pharmacogenomics and standard terminology
  • The experience of the pharmacists in supporting the practical application of pharmacogenomics into clinical practice using computer tools
  • The role of electronic health records and clinical decision support in facilitating drug management using pharmacogenomics
  • Strategies and techniques for pharmacists to lead the introduction of pharmacogenomics at their practice site
  • How Vanderbilt University Medical Center assembled a multidisciplinary, multidepartment team to oversee the implementation of pharmacogenetics.


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