Value-Based Purchasing:  Driving Down Infection Rates
to Improve Patient Safety

New payment models, such as pay-for-performance and hospital value-based purchasing programs, are the new reality in healthcare.

These programs use financial incentives and penalties to encourage value_based_purchasing_ebook.pnghospitals and other healthcare providers to implement strategies to achieve optimal patient outcomes and/or reduce the cost of care.

Value-Based Purchasing: Driving Down Infection Rates to Improve Patient Safety will help you understand what value-based-purchasing (VBP) drivers can be impacted by surveillance to help make the case for a surveilllance solution to the C-suite. This guide will also communicate the value of robust infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship programs and understand the value-based purchasing metrics on which they have an impact.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The importance of infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship programs and their role in VBP
  • The advantages of infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship programs supported by electronic surveillance 
  • How clinical decision support helps improve outcomes and maintain quality to help support pay-for-performance and VBP

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