Data Drives the Dialogue—Enhancing your Hospitals’ Strategies to Improve Antibiotic Use and Resistance

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It’s that time of year again. America’s hospitals are looking at the performance of their antimicrobial stewardship programs and recommendations from the CDC’s Core Elements to determine how to move the needle on antibiotic resistance.

Despite gains made over the last five years reducing deaths from drug-resistant infections, nearly 30% of all antibiotics prescribed in the U.S. acute care hospital remain unnecessary or suboptimal. Patient harm and the risk of exposure to resistant organisms, such as C. difficile, are continually in the spotlight as hospitals struggle to improve prescribing.

Learning objectives:

  • Incorporating CDC’s latest recommendations into your 2020 antimicrobial stewardship program strategic plan
  • Leveraging metrics and national benchmarking data—including Standardized Antimicrobial Administration Ratios (SAARs)—to identify key areas of concern in your organization
  • Prioritizing interventions and tactics in targeted areas to improve antimicrobial use
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