Hospital pharmacy – A key to improving care while reducing medication costs

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New forecasts paint a dire picture of U.S. healthcare system’s financial future as hospitals navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Already feeling the pressure of value-based programs and declining margins, forward-thinking hospitals have pharmacies in their line of sight as an area of focus for cost containment.

By drawing on the expertise of their pharmacy teams, hospitals can find new ways to optimize medication use to reduce spending and improve quality and/or patient safety. Now more than ever, leveraging clinical surveillance and analytics to drive standardization of care delivery, a pharmacy can showcase its true value to impact patient care and hospitals’ performance.

In this webinar, you will learn

  • The value of clinical pharmacists and their potential impact to aid with cost containment.
  • How to identify targeted clinician led initiatives that may increase cost savings.
  • The role of clinical surveillance tools in aiding efforts to capture cost savings.
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