Building Ambulatory Pharmacy Clinical Services: Demonstrating Value


As the debate for how to handle the healthcare crisis in America rages on, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals are left to try to improve the quality of care they provide for patients with shrinking reimbursement for their services.

Justification of innovative pharmacist services based on improved clinical outcomes, cost avoidance and cost savings used to be a common method to create or expand services. However, in the current economic climate, administrators are now often asking for revenue generation and return on investment figures prior to approving service creation or expansion.

In this webinar, Amy Stump, PharmD, BCPS:

  • Develops a list of outcomes that could be used to determine the benefit of a pharmacist service
  • Compares and contrasts various pharmacist reimbursement models
  • Determines the return-on-investment for a particular pharmacist service
  • Discusses options for services that improve quality and may generate revenue
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