Managing Change within Infection Prevention: Your Will is the Way


The mere thought of just being an Infection Preventionist (IP) solely within the walls of our healthcare facility is obsolete: the IP must acknowledge acronyms and their ever-evolving definitions/meanings. Along with these realities, there are the very real needs of the IP's internal customers – patient, visitor, all levels of healthcare staff/volunteer, Board of Directors – that annually must be risk-assessed and customized to match the infection prevention and control plan (program) to guide patient safety to decrease healthcare associated infections.

Yes, time must also be managed for the IP's volunteer work for professional association like APIC, CBIC, where the networking and opportunities make the 'day job' more valuable and fun.

In this webinar, Patti Grant, RN, BSN, MS, CIC helps IP determine just where,their rubber meets the road by providing:

  • Practical skills
  • Thought provoking questions
  • Their personal journey within infection prevention and control professionalism
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