A New World Order: Your Pharmacy—the Secret to Margin Relief?


Access this on-demand webinar featuring industry-leading experts Steven M. Riddle, PharmD, BCPS, FASHP, and Karen Kobelski, General Manager, as they discuss how to maximize pharmacy cost-savings by leveraging your teams' expertise and clinical surveillance technology.


Targeted, strategic efforts that leverage the skill sets of pharmacy teams—as well as the power of surveillance technology—can maximize clinical efficiencies critical to continuously improve the health of patients, outcomes and your hospitals’ bottom line. During this webinar, our speakers discuss:


  • Identifying opportunities to leverage pharmacy resources to manage inpatient drug utilization and costs.
  • Leveraging technology and teams to effectively manage medication use across a single hospital or a large, multi-hospital system.
  • Improving patient care by launching a new, or improving a current, medication management initiative.
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