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Providing More Time for Infection Prevention and Control Activities at UnityPoint Health System

"You're able to increase your consistency, your accuracy, your standardization of surveillance. Then, with that time savings, you're able to do the rest of your job. You have that time for those other things that you wanted to work on that you know you needed to work on that impact patient safety, and you just didn't have the time for before."

Angel Mueller, MPH, CIC
Manager, Infection Prevention
UnityPoint Health System

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Simplifi 797® and Omnicell®’s IVX Workflow – A Powerful Combination.

Discover the power of the combined solution of Wolters Kluwer’s Simplifi 797 and Omnicell’s IVX Workflow to address quality, accuracy and safety when compounding sterile preparations.

Access this brochure to learn more on how these solutions address compliance and IV workflow with features including:

  • Comprehensive policies and procedures for USP <797> and <800> that evolve with regulatory changes
  • On-demand reporting to ensure a trouble-free inspection
  • An all-in-one workflow management device with flexible gravimetric and volumetric verifications
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